Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Belt or Suspenders

I hate to have this discussion, but I can keep quiet no longer. Before I get started, I need to explain that I am no fashionista. Sometimes my socks don’t match my pants. I have even been known to put on a pair of shorts after church and leave on my dark socks. Most importantly, I am a believer in comfort before fashion. However, there are a few fashion rules that cannot be broken.

Don’t wear a belt and suspenders. See belts were created to keep our pants up. They can be found in many forms today. They range from the beautifully designed belts to the favorite of my extended family, the rope. No matter what the belt looks like, it serves the purpose of keeping your britches up without having to hold them up with your hands.

Suspenders were designed for the same purpose. They keep your pants up. Many people prefer suspenders over belts. Larry King and Mork from Mork and Mindy are probably the two most notable figures that are proponents of the suspenders. However, you will never see them wearing both a belt and suspenders.

Wearing suspenders and a belt is just doubling up when there is no need. I understand that belts don’t work for everyone. Nor do suspenders. However, there is never a need for both. If neither works alone, then together they still won’t work and it just looks funny.

You would never see someone wearing two pairs of glasses and I have never seen someone going around wearing two hats. We use only what we need to do the job. This is true for all clothing and apparel. I was so proud as a father when my young son explained to me once, “ I don’t need underwear, I am wearing pants”. So true. But, he did need a rope to keep them up.

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Laura said...

Noone can say you don't have deep thoughts! You say what we all are thinking and it cracks me up!