Monday, September 15, 2008

Nothing Better than Coco on a Sunday Night

So, it is Sunday night. The kids are in bed and Laura and I decide to relax and watch some good TV. We were in luck a Lifetime Red Carpet Movie event was just starting. The movie was about the life of Coco Chanel and the New York Post reviewed the movie saying it was “A delight to watch.” How could we not watch the movie. A red carpet even that was a delight and even better it was on Lifetime, my second favorite channel after Oxygen. I must say that I did learn a few things. Who knew that Chanel was actually someone’s name. Also, who knew that Chanel made more than perfume. I was shocked, then bored. But I need to include some highlights.

Coco falls in love with some guy. He is rich and she is not. He helps her open a store by putting up all the money. Hint to all you women, if a guy is willing to put up a lot of money he likes you more than just a friend. Anyway, she rejects his advances “We shouldn’t mix business with pleasure”. She says in a French accent. Finally, they can no longer resist the love between them and they succumb to their passions. Then the very next day she tells him, in a French accent again, “I cannot be with you until I don’t need your support”. What a tease. This was when I really started tuning out. But then it got better when Shirley Maclain was introduced as the older Coco.

Young Coco

Old Coco

Notice the resemblance? Me neither. Not only do they not look alike, the old Coco traded in her French accent for a New Jersey accent. I still can’t believe that we watched the whole movie and Tivoed it for future watching. I am definitely due a good war movie.


Laura said...

I will have to indulge you on your favorite network of Oxygen. I do owe you a good war movie!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a winner! You will have to invite Dean and I over so we can see it and you can watch it AGAIN! I think Dean would LOVE that!