Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eat your veggies, It makes you smarter and other lies

When I was a child my parents lied to me. "Eat your veggies and you will grow up to be strong and smart". Well, not so. Just recently scientists in Melbourne discovered that "going veggie could be bad for your brain - with those on a meat-free diet six times more likely to suffer brain shrinkage".

What is going on? My whole world it turning upside down. Veggies can shrink your brain? Meat is good for you?

Another lie from my parents came from strawberries. I am ashamed to say, and still feel a little dirty about it, that I was in my thirties before my parents came clean about strawberries. When my siblings and I were younger we loved to eat strawberries. So did my parents. So, one day the decided that they would tell all of us that strawberries make you sleepy. I had learned in school that turkey can make you sleepy and my parents never lied. So, I believed it. I only ate strawberries sparingly as not to get to sleepy. Just a few years ago my whole family was together at my parents house and they had some strawberries. I proceeded to tell my wife not to eat to many because, "They make you sleepy". My parents laughed and laughed. Me and my siblings didn't.

So, I have decided that my kids can eat all the meat and strawberries they want. Unless, there is not enough for me. In that case, they will just need to eat more veggies to grow up big and strong and I will warn them about the sleepy side effect of strawberries. "If you want to stay up late to see Santa when he comes tonight you better eat all your veggies and skip those strawberries". Because one good lie deserves another.


Anonymous said...

I had a college roommate who was of a talkative disposition, and her father had told her when she was young that every person has a certain number of words to use in this life, and when you use yours up, you die. She'd been trying to go sparingly on talking ever since then, to try to extend her lifespan. (Really funny, but that one also makes me MAD! To impinge on your daughter's chiefest joy in life, like that.)

Over the course of the summer I've bought several 4-lb clamshells of strawberries (at Costco, of course) and my kids just devour them before I get any -- one time I swear Mabel ate 2-3 lbs of them all on her own. I might have to try the sleepy-strawberries fiction on 'em.

Krista said...

You crack me up!