Friday, October 24, 2008

Football is the Devil

Am I a bad parent? Of course from my previous postings on the wonders of Mac and Cheese, you know I am not. But, just in the past couple of days I have decided that this Saturday at my son’s football game I will be cheering for the other team.

Before you start giving me a glare let me explain. At first I was so excited that my oldest was playing tackle football. See, I was always a skinny little boy. I “played” football one year as a child and my greatest achievement was getting a penalty called against the other team when one of their players hit me in the back and knocked the wind out of me. So, when my 90 lbs eight year old wanted to play I started seeing visions of his greatness. I could see him scoring all of the touchdowns, sacking the quarter back (this is a good thing for anyone that doesn’t follow football), and catching every winning pass at every game. Finally, my dreams of football stardom would be fulfilled. I was totally living through my son. Again, before you start glaring at me all you moms need to look at your daughters dressed in their tutus going to ballet practice and tell me that you aren’t living through them too.

So, we went to the football supply shed and sporting good store and got him all his gear. Everyone was saying how impressed they were at how big he was at only eight years old. I tried to be humble and say things like, “Yes he is big for his age”. What I wanted to say was, “Darn right this boy is huge and I sure hope he doesn’t crush your puny little child.”

Next, practices started. Quickly my dream started fading. Not because of my son’s performance, for his age I am very proud of his football skills. My dreams faded because it took so much stupid time. His practices were 5 days a week for two to two and a half hours. Then games started. We cut down to practice three times a week, but then we spent four hours every Saturday trying to watch him play while trying to keep the rest of the clan from running on the field and stealing the ball. Which any of them could do easily because they all have awesome football skills, even my 2 yr old daughter can kick some butt in football.

Anyway, between three practices a week a one game a week I am getting a little burned out on football. If my sons team wins this Saturday then they get to go the playoffs. My son was so excited. He told me, "if we win then we get to go to the playoffs and practice under the lights". What? Lights? So, instead of practice having to end when it gets dark they can practice until midnight if the coach wants. I don't think so.

So, this Saturday I will be cheering for the other team, quietly.


Laura said...

No doubt. This whole football thing has taken quite the toll. Good thing little Brandon enjoys it, or I am afraid we would be quitters.

Bonnie said...

Oh, how I do remember the countless years on the fields with our kids. Just think you have four boys, Brandon! What will you do when you are President? Maybe they can move these practice to the white house lawn and I can decorate a lovely room for you to view it all from a cozy spot while sipping your herb tea with the First Lady. Don't worry about the other kids, they can each have an intern as a nanny. Being elected for a second term should just about take care of the football days. By then they will all be learning the guitar to impress the little ladies.

Anonymous said...

So, who won?

(I will go see if Laura said yet on her blog.)

Mother Goose said...

i found you from mmm, very good blog. I like the way you write! The joys of any sport. Our rule is as long as the kids still like it and want part of it, we are willing. Sometimes, I secretly try to convince them they don't want to go to practice but it NEVER works, I always end up having to drag my tail out there! ::dangit::

Mother Goose said...

sorry, im MG, mother goose or Majestic Molly from mmm. my personal blog is

Robin said...

Just wait Maddie will be in her tutu and she will fulfilling Laura's dream to be a balerina or is it your dream.

Laura said...

I think it is both our dream. You should see the graceful ballet performances Brandon puts on for me privately.