Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skunk Hair

OK, I have never pretended to be up on the latest fashions and trends. But, there is one now that I totally do not understand. As I child, and even today if I am being honest, I enjoyed watching cartoons. One of my favorites were the cartoons about Pepé Le Pew the skunk.

In every episode this female black cat accidentally gets a white stripe down it’s back. Then almost immediately Pepé would come bouncing by, see her, and instantly fall in love. She would try the rest of the show to hide from him or convince him that she was a cat. He didn’t care. He was in love. Finally, never the end of the cartoon she would accept her fate and start liking Pepé.
You might think that I went off on a tangent, but I didn’t. See the trend I am concerned with is the Pepé hairdo. This hairdo is created by having part of the hair bleached white and leaving the under portion of the hair a dark black. See examples below.

Now tell me that you don’t see the resemblance! I never thought in my lifetime that we would see homosexual marriages legal, an African American President, and a hairdo that pays tribute to Pepé Le Pew. What a wonderful country we live in!


Bonnie said...

So that is where that stinkin' hairdo came from! Every time I see it I wonder...who thinks that looks good??

Anonymous said...

Well, I got's to confess.. I love it :)