Thursday, October 1, 2009

When Rape isn't Rape

Thank the heavens for Whoopi Goldberg. For years we have wondered as a country when a rape isn't a rape. Oh the conferences that have been held on this discussion. So many arguements as well. So, believe that this discussion is whey the cold war first started. Now, Whoopi has cleared it up for us. She said "I know it wasn't rape-rape. It was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape." So, if you are a rich french guy that directs movies and you get a 13 year old drunk and drug her up with a rufi then it isn't rape-rape. It's something else but not rape-rape. Oh the relief. So, all you pedophiles out their just need to get a passport from France and start making movies. Always remember to use drugs and alcohol and no problem. Thanks Whoopi.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and now there's apparently some guy at the Washington Post (or was it some other paper) who's been quoted as saying that in Hollywood sometimes a 13-year-old isn't a 13-year old. I'm starting to think there's a too-large fraction of the population who doesn't even realize we're still technically living under the rule of law.

Brandon Baggett said...

Rape, as defined, is forcing sex on an individual by the use of terror, threat or malice. We weren't there, so I certainly hope it wasn't rape-rape, as Whoopie termed.
I find it disturbing (and I hope he was drugged out of his mind) that a grown man of reason could see no potential harm in devouring someone's youth. For me, at least, the whole of it seems very vampire-like. Why feed on such an innocent? That child will never be a child again. Not in the simple, clean, carefree way we all remember, but can't quite 'put out fingers on' anymore.
DEFINING his actions or the event really isn't terribly important.
He behaved as a male succubus...robbing a young child of her 'kid-dom' and leaving a bewildered young lady with a troubled, confusing inner-battle she shouldn't have to deal with at thirteen.
He behaved, ironically, as a child. He is culpable.

Dan Bartholomew said...

Perspicacious! The fact that he's Polish doesn't change a thing.

in time out said...

Very nice post. Say it like it is. Thank you.

in time out said...
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