Monday, September 14, 2009

Pliers can make a lovely faucet handle

A friend a work emailed me a few nice pictures titled "OK, it's fixed already!" Below are some of the pictures.

The scary part is that the picture of the sink with the pliers reminded me of my tub. We lost one of the handles so I quickly found a pair of pliers and ta da it was fixed. Then I got this email. Well, I have now purchased a new set of handles and will be installing them soon!


Laura said...

No pressure or anything, but when are you doing this? I never thought faucet handles could be so dreamy. Sexy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I discovered that website a while ago and it all hit way too close to home. Although I think I've gradually been coaxing Dean away from the engineers' religious tenet that anything can be repaired with duct tape.